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  • * Larry's short story, "Point Blank, Texas" was a 2018 WWA Spur Award Finalist
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Praise for See Also Proof

   "[Sweazy's] best-plotted yet."  -- Kirkus

    "Marjorie is a wonderful character." -- Publishers Weekly

    "Marjorie is a smart, non-nonsense protagonist..." -- Booklist

    "Marjorie is the perfect slueth for this dark series."

                            -- Library Journal -- STARRED REVIEW and Mystery Pick of the Month (May, 2018)

 Praise for Where I Can See You

"Where I Can See You is a necessary crime novel. It is beautifully written and will grip your attention to the last sentence." -- The Washington Book Review

"Where I Can See You is Larry D. Sweazy at his darkest and most haunting. His poetic prose weeps with despair in a lyrical narrative that serves this dark morality play perfectly. Highly recommended to mystery fans!"  -- Internet Review of Books

?Versatile Sweazy (See Also Deception, 2016, etc.) punctuates the lawman's quest, laid-back yet urgent, with snatches of flash-forward dialogue that warn you not to expect a series.? ? Kirkus

?Sweazy brings off a thrilling boat chase, and the finale is appropriately tense. Some fine writing, too, in the service of a world that has ?monsters walking among us.?? ?Booklist

?With fascinating characters, plenty of suspense and numerous chilling plot twists, Where I Can See You is a novel many people will have trouble putting down.? ?RT Reviews

           Praise for See Also Murder

"[A] terrific first in a projected series... The characters are superbly drawn, and the prairie?its flatness, winds, and critters?is an evocative character in its own right."  -- Publishers Weekly -- STARRED REVIEW

"Anyone who appreciates a solid mystery with an intelligent amateur sleuth who confronts the problems of life and death under harsh conditions should pick up See Also Murder by Larry D. Sweazy. I'd file it under See Also Outstanding Crime Novel."   -- Lesa Holstine

Praise for A Thousand Falling Crows

"Sonny is an engaging, determined hero drawing on his Texas Ranger experience to find some measure of justice. Sure to attract fans of Westerns and readers who favor well-plotted mysteries with plenty of atmosphere." 

                             - Library Journal, STARRED REVIEW and Mystery Pick of the Month (January, 2016)

?Sweazy shows marked skill at incorporating the sere landscape of Dust Bowl?era north Texas, with its punishing sun and rattlesnakes creeping out of rabbit holes in the gloaming, as an independent character in A Thousand Falling Crows. His portrayal of Sonny Burton?s struggle to rebuild his life in the wake of personal tragedy, and find new goals, new friendship with Blue and maybe even new love, is no less deft?.It?s not clear whether Sweazy has a sequel in mind. We can only hope he writes one. Soon.?

                                                                    -- Kirkus Reviews

Praise for See Also Deception

"Marjorie must use the skills she?s developed as an indexer to see and organize seemingly unrelated ideas, just as she must summon the nerve to act, despite repressive social inhibitions, in this satisfying sequel."

                                                                                                                                     -- Publishers Weekly

"[A] lovely, nuanced series.  Marjorie's love of her land shines through on every page, making her survival in a tough time almost certain. She may not be as vicious as Scarlett O'Hara, but she is certainly as strong. I am eager to spend time with her again and see how she fares."

                                                                                                                                       -- Mystery Scene